Paris woman enjoys hunting highlight with 8-point buck

PARIS — It was a fun deer hunting firearm season for Tana Seelhoff.

The Paris resident bagged a buck on opening day on her family farm in Richmond Township. She used one shot from her 30.30 to bag an 8-point buck with a 13 1/2-inch rack span.

Seelhoff has shot a lot of deer in her lifetime but noted this one was among her most successful.

“It was fat, heavy,” she said. “It had a very big body. I  could see a deer with a huge neck walking around. He was far away. He came in closer but I felt he was too far. I couldn’t risk a too far away shot.

“He walked up to a friend of mine who was hunting on the other side of the property. My friend shot at him and missed him and managed to scare him to run back toward me. That’s how I got lucky enough to get a shot when he was running right straight at me. One shot, he was down. I was very pleased.”

Seelhoff shot it from about 100 yards away, she estimated.

“It was a smaller gun but really did the job that day,” she said. “I had to go back to work so I consider myself pretty darn lucky.”

It was her first 8-point buck.

“I haven’t hunted in quite awhile,” she said. “I’ve shot does and some smaller bucks, but he’s definitely the fastest and biggest-racked deer I’ve shot.”

On her family farm, Seelhoff said there’s usually been deer so the presence of her 8-pointer wasn’t a total surprise.

“It’s all farmland, all corn and soybeans and woods in there,” Seelhoff said. “This year, especially there were fat deer, well fed. I got lucky enough for one to walk in front of me that morning.”

Seelhoff said she started hunting when she was 12 with her dad, and then took a hiatus.