Paris hunter lands 5-pointer

PARIS — John MacFarlane had reason to enjoy the recently completed deer hunting season.

MacFarlane, 14, of Paris shot a 5-point buck during the firearm season. It also was his first buck he’s shot.

“I sat out there and saw him come to the baitpile and got my gun ready,” MacFarlane said. “I waited until I could get him broadside. When he was, I took a shot.”

MacFarlane used a 30.06 to shoot the buck from about 80 yards. He used two shots. Both shots connected.

“He kind of staggered a little bit and walked,” MacFarlane recalled.

MacFarlane’s reaction wasn’t surprising, considering it was his first buck.

“It was pretty exciting,” he said.

McFarlane recalls he’s seen other deer besides the one he shot.

“I saw a little bit,” he said. “When he was down, I waited a couple more minutes and there was a six-point that came out and they let him go.”

McFarlane said he bought just one tag for deer hunting and his season has ended. But he’s confident it will be good for the rest of the hunting season for other sportsmen who are still out in the woods.

Meanwhile,  Seth Aris is among the Osceola County hunters who struck it rich on the opening day of the firearm season.

The 16-year-old Hersey hunter bagged a 7-point buck with 16 3/4-inch rack span in the Pogey Lake area on opening day around 1 p.m. He used one shot from his .243 to get the job done for the sixth deer in his lifetime.

Aris said he didn’t know this particular buck was out there ahead of time.

“I was tracking another deer when I shot it,” he said. “I heard three does behind me. I thought maybe I spooked them. But I just sat on the hill and waited a minute. The big buck came through and I shot it.”

Aris said it’s a quarter of an inch shy of being the biggest deer he’s shot. He was about 80 yards from the buck when he shot him in the front shoulder. The deer eventually dropped, but Aris was able to find it.

“It ran 20 yards,” he recalled.

Josh Johnson, of Evart, said he heard favorable hunting reports during the season.

“There’s a lot of good deer being taken. Jay Wallace (of Evart), my buddy, got a nice buck with his bow,” Johnson said. “His son got one with a gun (in Osceola County). People are seeing a lot of nice deer this year.”

The bow season ended on Jan. 1.