Paris couple enjoying life in Spring Valley couples league

REED CITY — Dave and Trudy Borst are among the active participants in a Friday Night Couples League at Spring Valley Golf Course that continues to grow in popularity.

The Paris residents have been in the couples league four years. Dave is in the Tuesday men’s league at Spring Valley. He also plays at Katke Golf Course in Big Rapids and the El Dorado course in Cadillac.

“I play all over, like in Mount Pleasant,” Borst said.

His favorite course is Spring Valley “because I know everybody,” Borst said, adding that the couples league “has nice people.”

Trudy Borst basically stays with the couples league and doesn’t see much action in any of the other leagues. On a good day, Dave usually averages 40s in the Friday league. The course plays well for a couples league, Dave Borst said.

“I’m not a good golfer but I have a good time,” Trudy said. “Our Friday night league is pretty friendly but we always have a good time.”

Trudy has been playing five years and would like to think she’s improved. She’s trying to learn every day she’s on the course.

“But some days you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” she smiled.

League action started on April 17 and continues until Sept. 18.