Pan fishing a favorite for local angler

Jeff Greene



RODNEY - Rodney's active fisherman Jeff Greene, a retired DNR wildlife biologist has enjoyed his Mecosta County fishing experiences lately.

"I went to Chippewa Lake last Friday," he said. "I fished with a family with two kids. We had fun and cleaned 13. We kept a mixture of bluegills, sunfish, crappies and perch. Many were caught on cane poles in 8 to 10 feet of water.

"I fished at Hillview on Sunday evening. I caught nine nice crappies in the first 15 minutes. I caught four bluegills and left for home not wanting to be hoggish. The fish were attacking the one-inch gulp minnow on an one-eight ounce jig. It was a great night to fish;no jet skis or water skiers."

Greene has also been to Mason County.

"I fished out of both Pentwater and Ludington on consecutive days with no fish caught," he said. "Boats have been scattered and the only fish caught at all have been the charter captains."