Outdoorsmen handling transition of seasons

PARIS — It's March, and outdoorsmen like Paris' Kyle Randall, host of the Wilderness Journal TV program, are making the transition from ice to spring fishing and from small game hunting to turkey hunting.

"It's raining a lot," Randall chuckled on Tuesday afternoon. "That's very bad if you wanted to go out and do some late ice fishing. It's over. it's been over unfortunately.

"It was kind of a hard season. We had so many warmups that people were on and off the ice. I can tell you that because of the more moderate temperatures, the steelhead fishing in the rivers was better than it has been in awhile. There's a small tradeoff. But the ice fishing was not great this year because of the weather changing so much.”

In the hunting picture, "you still have a few guys out chasing rabbits when we get a little bit of snow," Randall said. "For the most part, everyone is shifting gears and starting to get ready for turkey season, which will be here in about a month. Fortunately, we do have a lot of turkeys again this year. The winter was a little easier on the turkeys."

The first two seasons are a week long, starting in mid-April, with third season encompassing most of May. The first two seasons are limited to hunters who have drawn permits. The third hunt offers over-the counter licenses.

"Right now, it's a little hard to tell," Randall said. "But if it stays warm like this then the first season will be the best, for sure  because the birds will start breeding earlier than normal. The first season will probably be the best."

Hunting activity for coyotes also has had mixed results.

"I know there's guys out trying but it's tougher without the snow," Randall said.