Outdoor fishing activity picking up

Angie Greenway

Angie Greenway

BIG RAPIDS - DNR conservation officer Angie Greenway has seen a lot of activity lately.

"Trout opener (April 24) was busy," she said. "A lot of people were fishing and a lot of people were getting out there. Walleye opener, at least around here, wasn't all that great with the water on the Muskegon being down. There wasn't a lot of pressure and guys weren't catching a lot of keepers.

"I'm attributing that to the water levels being down. It was hard to get on the water."

Wild animals are having babies right now.

"I want to remind people to leave the wild in the wild," Greenway said. "The mom is around. It may not seem like it, but she's there. That's their natural defense mechanism to leave babies laying there and go off. You have to remember we don't want to pick up wild animals. You can't have them at home and you can't have them as pets. Leave the wild in the wild.

"For turkey hunting, I haven't seen a whole lot of pressure. I've seen on Facebook people posting they've been successful. I haven't seen a lot of pressure of turkey hunters. I can't say what that's attributed to."

Mushroom hunting continues.

"This year the mushrooms seem to be slow," Greenway said. "People are finding a few. I haven't seen the pressure. They need warmer temperatures. Lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s and the soil temperature needs to get into the mid 50s for them to start going. We need to see four warm days and nights.

"When we had that, we didn't have the rain. It was dry. We need that moisture content in that soil right now. It's raining but we've had cold nights."