ASHTON — Jeremy Andres lives outside of Ashton in Osceola County and has a family very active in the outdoors.

That includes his two daughters, Ashley, 15,  and Lily,10.

Ashley will be a junior at Reed City schools and Lily a fifth grader.

Ashley has been a part of the state’s Natural Resources Commission Youth Conservation Council, which had its first meeting last month at the Kettunen 4-H Center near Tustin.

The DNR said in a press release that the purpose of the meeting was for the 18 council members to get to know each other and to develop recommendations and programs to get more youth involved in hunting and fishing.

Ashley applied for a council spot.” She’s the only one from up in this area that was selected,” Andres said.

“They were looking for good leaders,” Ashley said. “We discussed ways to get the youth more involved in the outdoors.”

The council meets during four weekends a year.

“You meet a lot of new people and learn lot of new ideas on how others believe how we can get more kids involved,” Ashley said. “If we’re not with our council, we’re outdoors hiking and kayaking and stuff.”

She’s also an active fisherman locally, with her dad, including spots like the Hersey River.

“We’re doing pretty well on brown trout,” Jeremy said.

A year ago, Lily won a charter fishing trip through a statewide magazine, Hooks and Bullets.

“I wrote a report on why fishing means so much to me,” she said.

Her report was a one-page sheet. She won among 400 entries

“I would be really cool to fish on a boat and fishing is a lot of fun to do,” is what Lily said were the main points of her report.

The fishing trip took place last July.

“They put us in a motel at Bear Lake Motel and put us with Killin’ Time Charters out of Manistee (in Lake Michigan),” Jeremy recalls.

Lily won the trip for her age group and took her dad with her. Four others were on the trip.

“We had to draw cards for fishing,“ Lily said “Whoever drew an ace went first. We caught a lot of king salmon.”

The Andres caught six between the two of them. The biggest weighed about 20 pounds.

“I’ve been salmon fishing but never on a charter boat,” Jeremy Andres said.

Lily along with others in her family, has been an active angler. She enjoys fishing in ponds on her property. There’s bass and bluegills in the pond.

She wasn’t eligible for this year’s contest.

Ashley also rifle hunts for deer and said she’s “come close” a couple of times.