On offense or defense, Seth Jackson is a threat to get the ball in his hands

Reed City senior having another outstanding season

Seth Jackson (left) has been a threat at wide receiver all four seasons.

Seth Jackson (left) has been a threat at wide receiver all four seasons.

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REED CITY – Seth Jackson continues to do his thing for the Reed City Coyotes on both sides of the ball.

As a senior wide receiver and defensive back/safety, Jackson somehow seems continually able to get the ball in his hands in a very effective way. In Friday’s 52-14 win over Central Montcalm, Jackson caught three passes for 63 yards. In the 52-32 win over Big Rapids the previous week, he caught two passes for 65 yards and a touchdown and defensively had 10 tackles and an interception.

“Last year was my best year for sure,” Jackson, a four-year varsity player, said earlier in the 2022 season. “I had seven interceptions last year. That was a new record for my season high. My sophomore year, I had five interceptions and had three interceptions in one game.”

The key to getting interceptions “is you have to read your guy,” Jackson said. “You can’t take your eyes off your guy. Don’t look in the backfield and get caught looking at someone else.”

Defensive backs also study film on their opponents, which pays off very well, Jackson said.

“You know what your guy is going to do and how he’s going to do it,” Jackson said. “It’s always nice on defense, I love getting that interception.

Jackson said he is the backup for Reed City quarterback Xavier Allen.

“I’m more of an elusive back as anything,” Jackson said, indicating his strengths are his ability to get open. “I catch mostly anything but our quarterback puts it in the right spot every time, which makes it nice.”

Reed City is 4-1 with its only loss being to Tri County 48-40. The Coyotes host Newaygo.

“Our potential is higher than ever. We can be successful and go far. It depends on how we go in every game,” Jackson said. “Our senior class is strong this year. We didn’t lose any skilled players. I think we’re better than last years team.”

Jackson had a strong season last year, coach Scott Shankel pointed out, and carried it over into the summer and fall season. “I’m expecting a good season out of him,” Shankel said.

“He’s a threat and a weapon (offensively) from the fact he can get most balls thrown near him,” Shankel said.