Olds has strong season as setter for Coyotes



REED CITY -- When it comes to getting digs and assists, and being an effective server, Rylie Olds has been getting the job done for Reed City's volleyball team.

The Coyotes are preparing for the Central Montcalm tournament on Saturday. They will then come to Big Rapids on Nov. 4 to play Manistee in district tournament action.

Olds has been a key player as a sophomore for the Coyotes.

"We just need to work on our defense and we can do better," she said.

It's her first varsity season.

"It's been on an off," she said. "Our serving has been strong. The key is practice and focus."

Olds works with a top spin on the ball to make her serves tricky to return.

"I try to put it where the coach tells me to," she said. "I usually get it there."

As a setter, "I mostly set the hitters and get the assists," Olds said. "You have to keep practicing."

The hitting is much quicker and stronger on the JV level, she said.

Volleyball is her lone sport, but Olds doesn't restrict herself to the fall season.

For the Coyotes to have success in upcoming matches, "talking," is the key, Olds said.