Olds finding her groove with summer softball team

REED CITY — Alyssa Olds made her softball debut for Reed City softball in the spring and enjoyed the experience.

She enjoyed it so much she’s also been playing for the summer Local American Teams League.

Olds was a sophomore for the high school team and will be a junior next season.

“I didn’t know much,” she said. “Coming back, I played Little League, and that was it. I think my sixth grade summer was the last time I played.”

Her springs were open until 2016.

“I wanted to be a three-sport athlete,” she said. “I thought I’d come out for softball because I didn’t get to play my freshman year and I really missed it.”

Olds, who also plays volleyball, was a left fielder in softball and played some first base. She indicated left field was her best spot and she was able to catch the ball and throw it in effectively.

“And I was pretty quick,” she said.

A left-hander, “at first, coach wanted me to start slapping the ball,” Olds said. “Then I stuck with hitting and bunting.”

During the summer, Olds said she’s working on various parts of her game, including her swing. She’s hoping the repetition of swinging will help her next spring. The Coyotes advance to the district finals before losing to Manistee

Olds hit the winning basket in March in Reed City’s district championship win over Clare.

“We do basketball during June, and in July and August, we try to stick with volleyball,” Olds said.