REED CITY — Reed City’s softball program has a history of sisters playing on the varsity at the same time.

It’s that way again this season

Brittani and Allyson Both are first-year varsity players. Brittani Yarger is a junior, who also played volleyball. Brittani pitched and played shortstop and third base at the junior varsity level. She’s playing first base this year and doing some pitching.

At first base Yarger will work at stopping every throw in her direction no matter how high or low or how wide.

“We need that out right there,” she said.

Offensively, “I’ve improved my hitting,“ Brittani said. “I changed my hitting style this year. At practice, I hit a home run the other day. You need to make sure you have your hips good and are in good form.”

Even though the Coyotes are very young. “I think we’ll do pretty good,” Yarger said. “We played summer ball together so we know how each other works. We need to take things seriously and we’ll be fine.”

As for the poor spring weather which has kept the Coyotes from going outside, “it may slow us back, but maybe not too much; we really can’t do anything in the gym,” Birttani said.

Allyson played Little League and travel team softball and also played shortstop. But she said she’s excited to play varsity despite being just a freshman. As a shortstop, she’s comfortable with her glove and arm. She has changed her batting form and is more comfortable with her hitting prospects. Keeping her eye on the ball will be critical, she admitted. As a team, “we’re pretty good,” Yarger said last week. “It’d be better if we were outside.”

Both Yarger says she and her sister are similar in style, except for hitting.