Offensive lineman paves the way for Evart's gridiron success

Dubreuil, Wildcats celebrate district championship

Kaiden DuBreuil



Pioneer photo/John Raffel

EVART – The offensive line got the job done for Evart Oct. 4, with a 35-7 district championship win over East Jordan and senior offensive guard Kaden DuBreuil is confident the Wildcats can keep it going.

“It was a great game,” DuBreuil said on Friday. “The linemen had to step up because of the rain. I think we did very well with that. We moved to double teams and when we needed to we singled guys and got up to the backers. I think there was a little confusion in the first half. It was everyone all over the place.”

The Wildcats were able to overcome heavy rains throughout the game.

“We always get a lot of passing yards and the biggest adjustment is you can’t pass the ball when it’s raining hard and you have to run it more,” DuBreuil said.

He’s been a senior guard for the Wildcats. It’s his second year as a starting guard.

“I improved a lot from last year,” DuBreuil said. “I’ve gotten a little quicker and I put on 40 pounds. That helped.”

He’s listed at 5-foot-9 inches, 270 pounds.

“A lot of times, the guys I’m facing will stand straight up,” DuBreuil said. “I can get right into their pads and they can’t do anything about it.”

In the regional championship match-up of Evart and Iron Mountain on Oct. 12, Evart would fall 34-33, putting up over 400 yards on offense.

“I think the key has been we can take the top off the defense but when we need those tough yards like third-and-one and fourth-and-one, we get them.”

DuBreuil felt perhaps the biggest win came at Lake City during the regular season when the Wildcats played without having star running back and linebacker Cole Hopkins, out with a finger injury.

“We have to keep getting those third-and short or fourth-and-short situations,” DuBreuil said. “It’s playoff football. You have to get those.”

DuBreuil will go into wrestling when the fun season ends.


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