Offensive lineman having strong year for Pine River

LEROY — Brian McCurry and his Pine River football teams have been having a lot of fun this season.

The Bucks are 9-3 and head to the state semi finals this weekend.

McCurry is a sophomore offensive lineman who is a second-year starter and is on a line that allowed no sacks and saw its team rush for 2,082 yards.

When the Bucks earlier this season finished the Highland Conference at 5-0, McCurry could sense his team was on the verge of something very special.

“We did what we had to do,” McCurry said. “It feels really good. When we made the (district title run) in 2014, we did (win the conference). It was our first conference title in 17 years. It was our ability to overcome and work for the moment and not worry about a lot of other things.”

McCurry had a successful freshman season for the Bucks. But 2015 was tough with the team having to endure plenty of injuries.

“Last year we were injury prone,’ he said. “We were playing good team football. Our goal has been to improve in some aspect of our game every week.”

Saturday, the Bucks play in the Division 6 semifinal at Traverse City against Maple City Glen Lake. Kickoff time is 1 p.m.