REED CITY — Joe Oehrli has gotten off to a solid start for Reed City’s cross country team.

The Coyotes, who don’t have enough numbers for a full team, ran at the Benzie Central Invitational on Saturday. Oehrli was second in 16:05.08.

Also for Reed City, Drake Walker, a sophomore, was 88th in 20:22.39. Matt McGahey, a freshman, was 94th in 22:15.44.

“Joe ran a good race,” said Reed city coach Brad Smith. “He ran a smart race, it was a fast course for us. He’s off to a good start.”

For the girls, Emily McIntosh was 78th in 24:12. Lindsay Ridderman was 81st in 25:32.09 and Amanda Steig was 83rd in 26:17.43.

“I’m hoping when we get in school, we might get other kids to come out,” Smith said.

Last week, Reed City competed in the Chippewa Hills Invitational.

For the girls, McIntosh was ninth in 25:00 and Ridderman 38th in 25:56.63. for the boys, Oehrli was seventh in 17:46.43, Walker 49th in 21:20.90 and McGahey 63rd in 22:47.92.


Evart had a successful week at the Benzie Central and Chippewa Hills invitationals.

With David Zinger and Logan Hammer going one-two in 16:08.45 and 16:50.0, Evart took first place at the Benzie Central Invitational on Saturday. Max Hodges was fourth in 17:12.38, Antonio Militello placed 21st in 18:20.23 and Alex Newton was 29th in 18:45.97. Brian Flachs was 65th in 20:40.41 and Ryan Tuttle 83rd in 21:54.56.

For the girls, Katelyn VanMorick was 13th in 21:11.75.

At Chip Hills, the girls were sixth of a nine-school small division. Grace Hamilton was 70th in 24:54. Taylor McLachlan was 76th in 25:25. Kaitlyn Parsons was 82nd in 25:39.

“For this early in the season, that was pretty good for us to have five strong contributors,” said Evart coach Andy Eichelberger. “Normally our depth hurts us. We’re not very deep with the girls. I was pleased with sixth place.”

Vanmorick’s time “was pretty good for her and she’ll get better,” Eichelberger said. “She’s my lead girl.”

For the boys, Evart was third of 10 teams in its division. Zinger and Hammer were the top two guys with second place in 16590.16 and fourth in 17:18.38.

Hammer ran his personal best. “That proves he’s been working over the summer,” Eichelberger said. “I was extremely pleased he has his fastest time over on the first day.”

Hodges was 15th in 18:38.02, Militello 29th in 19:26.87, Newton 37th in 20:07.30 and Flachs 68th in 23:20.37.

Evart is home 4 p.m. Thursday in a cross country dual against Reed City.