Nixon and Kissinger: A winning combination for Bucks

LEROY — Nixon and Kissinger formed quite a unique team in the early 1970s as President of the United States and Secretary of State.

But now at Pine River the combination of Nixon and Kissinger is coming to fruition for the Bucks on the wrestling mat.

Kyle Nixon and Larry Kissinger are among the top wrestlers for the Bucks who are off to a strong start.

Nixon is a sophomore in the 125-pound weight class who is off to a 32-4 start for the Bucks.

“I’m looking at wrestling some good people and hopefully placing at (state finals) the end of the year,” he said.

Nixon didn’t qualify for state finals last season.

“I was 38-12 last year and in the regionals, I lost to two people I already beat so I should have qualified,” he said. “It was kind of an upset. It kind of fueled me for this year.”

Nixon said wrestling at 125 pounds is about the same as 119 pounds.

“At Marquette, for fifth I pinned the kid (from St. Ignace) who’s ranked ninth in the state,” Nixon said. “I’m pretty good on top, I have a few good things on my feet that I know I can hit on pretty much anybody.”

He’s working on his bottom movement “and more stuff on top so I can turn more people,” Nixon said.

As a team “I suspect we’ll do pretty good. We’ll probably have to beat Hesperia in the regional finals. If we have people working hard, I think we can beat them,” he said. “Only then, will we be able to beat them and make team state.”

Kissinger, a junior, is in his 10th year of wrestling. He qualified for state finals last year, where he went 1-2. He’s 29-6 this season.

“I’m pretty happy overall, I’m getting a lot smoother and not so tense up,” he said. “I want to place at state this year. I have to wrestle hard every day in practice. I’m working (on) moves.”

Kissinger added that he’s working on moves and said the team is “looking strong.” He agreed with Nixon that Hesperia will be a formidable opponent down the road, but added, “I think we can put up a good fight.”