Nick Douglass set at running back for Reed City

Nick Douglass
Nick Douglass

REED CITY — It was a productive summer for Reed City’s Nick Douglass, who is in his second varsity season as a senior.

Douglass was a cornerback and running back for the Coyotes last season.

He’s looking to contend for a starting cornerback spot this season.

“I’m hoping I can also start as a running back,” he said.

As a cornerback, “my exact role would be to cover the outside and make sure nothing gets on the flat, and general pass coverage,” Douglass said. “I have good eyes and I’m very physical up front. That tends to help at the corner position.”

The Coyote defense will need to keep an eye on the passing attack more often from other teams this season, Douglass hinted.

“They can always change it up,” he said. “I’ve seen people in our conference (Central State Activities Association Gold Division) running more. We want to be ready for anything. We don’t know what’s going to happen.”

When he’s on offense, Douglass is looking to contribute in running and catching the ball, plus blocking.

“We’ll try passing as much as possible,” he said.

Reed City ended its summer season in late July. Practices started on Monday. The season kicks off on Aug. 24 at home with Montague.

“I’ve been showing up to everything and we’re showing great improvement,” Douglass said. “It helps a lot. If no one comes to these, they would be really far behind. You learn a lot from this stuff. It’s recommended to show up.”

The Coyotes have won seven straight CSAA titles and advanced to the state semifinals last year. They would cherish having another huge season.

“That’s what our dreams are right now,” Douglass said.