Newcomers spark RC soccer

REED CITY — Reed City’s girls soccer team has been working with new players this season, including those trying the varsity sport for the first time.

That includes junior Tia Lintemuth, playing varsity soccer for the first time as a midfielder. Also a basketball player, she played a prominent role for the Coyotes during the winter season.

“I just wanted to play a sport, I usually played softball,” Lintemuth said. “It’s been pretty good, with my teammates helping me. They knew what they were doing.”

As a midfielder, her role has been “stop the runs up the side,” she said. “We’re getting better, passing better. We have to communicate, know where everyone is on the field, and pass the ball.”

Lintemuth said soccer, compared to basketball, “is less pressure, but a lot more running, but after the season goes on, it’s a lot easier.”

In past games, various JV players have had a chance to come up and see varsity action.

Kendra Repo is a striker for the Coyotes.

“I get moved up for varsity games to help the varsity,” she said. “Because we have so few games, when JV doesn’t play, I get moved up to varsity. There’s definitely a lot more intensity.”

Being on the varsity has helped.

“I’ve improved so much since last year,” she said. “You definitely have to position yourself strategically. Since our first game, we’ve improved. Throughout the season, we should be getting better.”

Karah Hensel, a sophomore, has also made varsity appearances from the JV roster.

She’s usually on defense but has seen action at midfield.

“It’s helpful because the game is a faster paced (on the varsity),” she said.