REED CITY — Monty Price will be returning as Reed City varsity football coach this season but he’ll also have a new day job. Price was recently appointed as the new high school principal.

Monday night, at a Reed City varsity football conditioning session, Price said he has already begun his duties as principal.

His AD duties have been turned over to Kris Griffin, who was a Reed City assistant elementary principal. She will also be Dean of Students at the high school, which had also previously been a part of Price’s duties.

Price said he’ll continue as football coach this season but declined to elaborate on his coaching future after this season.

“You always go a year at a time when you get to be my age,” Price smiled. “I’ve been taking it a year at a time for four years.”

Dean McGuire, who was appointed the middle school principal, will continue as boys basketball coach, Price said. McGuire replaces Tim Webster who was recently appointed superintendent.

“I’ve always been pretty busy with the athletic director duties,” Price said. “Will this make me more busy? I don’t know. I haven’t been a principal and a coach (at the same time) yet. We’ll find that out.”

Price said when he took the AD’s job three years ago, he had been looking to get into administration.

“It’s been my professional goal and something I’ve wanted to do,” he said. “Being a coach, it’s been difficult to transition into that role somewhat. I’m thankful for Mr. Webster and our Board of Education for continuing to give myself and Mr. McGuire the opportunity to continue coaching which is something we truly love and enjoy doing.”

Meanwhile, the new high school gym floor is almost done, Price said.

“It’s beautiful,” he commented. “They’re putting the varnish down now. It’s painted and redone. It’s absolutely beautiful. In my opinion, it’s one of the finest floors around. It looks wonderful.”