New Reed City goalkeeper focusing on more stops

REED CITY — Alex Brummel is a junior on the Reed City boys soccer team working on getting the job done as goalkeeper.

It’s his first year in soccer. He had surgery on his elbow and last year played football where he sustained his injury. He decided to turn to soccer.

“My main sport is wrestling and I wanted to stay in shape,” he said, adding that on his decision to play goalkeeper in soccer, “I catch in baseball so I thought, why not?”

Brummel was happy with his decision to try the goalkeeper’s spot.

It’s a young Reed City team and Brummel is trying to help the Coyotes get on a roll.

“We’re still a very young team and we’re moving along and trying to improve,” he said, adding that the key in being a good goalkeeper is “keeping a cool head and trying your best. You have to work with your defenders and talk a lot with them.”

Brummel said he’s focusing on making as many stops as he can right now

“I want to work on keeping the ball out,” he said, adding that in soccer, compared to other sports, “there’s a lot of running. I’m used to more physical sports. The elbow is doing fine.”

Reed City is at Kent City on Wednesday.