New Evart AD excited to continue success

Andrew Whittaker began work this month as Evart's athletic director

Andrew Whittaker started work as Athletic Director this August and is excited to continue Evart's success in athletics.

Andrew Whittaker started work as Athletic Director this August and is excited to continue Evart's success in athletics.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Whittaker

EVART—Evart will be writing a new chapter about its athletic program with the addition of Andrew Whittaker as the new athletic director. 

With Evart boasting one of the strongest softball teams in the state last season, Whittaker will look to take the school to the next level. 

He places Jay Wallace, who retired.

Whittaker was born and raised in Cass City before getting his bachelor's degree at Central Michigan University. He would get his degree in Education and Social Studies. After brief work as a substitute teacher and a paraprofessional, Whittaker worked in Kansas for six years. In Kansas, he coached softball, basketball and baseball.  

He then worked for Cass City briefly before COVID-19 changed his plans in 2020. He would work at Deckerville as a computer teacher alongside coaching softball. While at Deckerville, Whittaker got his masters online at Baker College. 

Looking for work as either an assistant principal or an athletic director, Whittaker saw Evart's name pop up. Whittaker explained that he liked the area and with Evart being a smaller school looking his hometown, it felt like a good match. 

“I like the area is still a smaller school, kind of like Cass City. It's the same division for sports and things like that,” Whittaker said. “It's not quite up north where we have our hunting cabin, but it reminds me of that, so I enjoy that a lot. They made me feel very welcome and positive about the outlook at the school and everything, so it was too good to pass up.” 

Whittaker explained why he wanted to work as an athletic director. 

“I like just being around the sports and the kids and coaches,” Whittaker said. “I've coached at all levels and interacted with parents and officials and whoever else along the way. I just thought it was time to try running a whole program. It'd be a fun, exciting challenge.” 

The main goal for Whittaker in this position is to continue Evart’s successful athletics program.

“I want softball to keep doing well. I was keeping an eye on their run to the state championship,” Whittaker said of the state runners-up. “I'd like to see continued success there along with across the board. Just push that positive atmosphere and hopefully that translates to good things on the court or field or track or wherever else.” 

Whittaker took over the position a few weeks ago and has been busy with the fall season merely weeks away. He described what he has been focusing on over the first few weeks of his tenure. 

“I’m just getting to know everybody on the faculty and the kids,” Whittaker said. “I always think that's pretty exciting. It's getting to know people and them getting to know me and know what I'm all about.”