HERSEY — The Eagles’ Nest in Hersey hosted the National Wild Turkey Federation Crossroads chapter banquet recently.

Chapter president Evan Traynor said the event featured raffle drawings, live auctions and silent auctions and various auction packages.

The event usually draws between 100 and 120 guests. It’s the sixth annual banquet. A portion of the proceeds comes back locally to the chapter, which uses it for scholarships and various events.

“We’re a relatively new chapter,” Traynor said.

His license for the hunting season is in May. The first season started on April 25.

“I’ve been out with some people who have this current week and it’s a mixed result,” Traynor said. “There’s a lot of turkeys out there. But because we’ve had some strange weather it’s affected their behavior a little bit. There’s a lot of turkeys out there.”