Monday’s Reed City volleyball team ends summer camp schedule

REED CITY — This marked the final week for Reed City’s summer volleyball program and the emphasis was on ball control.

Coach Don Patterson had a two-day camp Sunday and Monday to focus on ball control techniques. The Coyotes will start official practices on Aug. 12 with the first matches Aug. 21 at the Ludington Invitational.

“It’s passing and overhand passing,” Patterson said. “We typically don’t work on setting here. I take setters by themselves.”

All players partake in the passing and is a part of the game almost every player will be doing to some extent during practice.

“I tell kids that’s the difference on how games are won and lost, who controls the ball the best,” Patterson said. “We’ll work on our technique on how low we are and what our angle is, where our forearms are at, what the window looks like through our overhand passing, and working to and through the ball. We’ll incorporate the full aspect of the game.

“We focus a lot more on technique. During the season, you can’t spend as much time on that because of rotation work. Individual stuff is far more limited during the season.”

There were between 12 to 20 at the two-day camps.

“We’ve gotten a lot done this year,” Patterson said. “We maybe have seen more kids overall during the course of the summer. Some of it is how their schedule fills in. They’re so busy during the summer with basketball, softball and soccer. “