Mixed teams vying for top spots in Moose league

EVART — Barb Szymanski of Hersey and her partner Lee Perleberg of Evart have been making a strong pairing in the Tuesday’s Evart Moose 2452 Mixed Golf League at Birch Valley Golf Course.

Szymanski also golfs in couples and women’s leagues plus the Sunday night scramble at Spring Valley Golf Course near Reed CIty. Her summer schedule calls for her to golf in five leagues each week.

“All of us play in a lot of tournaments,” she said. “We enjoy golfing with different people all the time. It’s a nice course. They take care of it nice. It’s kind of open. It has its tight spots.”

Szymanski also joins other local women to go out occasionally of golf outings across the state.

“We spend anywhere from three to four days on that and play at different courses,” she said.

Szymanski considers herself a 40s golfer.

Perleberg just plays in the Tuesday Moose League, and is, along with his partner, Szymanski, fighting for first place honors. Perleberg is slated to become the governor of the Evart lodge. It’s his first year in the league after subbing in the past. But he’s been in the sport for 30 years.

Perleberg and Szymanski have been going for the top spot in the league standings with Kent Lang and his wife Nancy, who have been coordinating the league which goes until mid-September. They also play in a various leagues at Spring Valley. They’ve been secretaries of the league for three years. The partners are the same each week.

“It’s gotten bigger every year,” Lang said. “We’ve had to turn people down. Next year, we’ll try to add two more teams. We’re shotgun right now and start at the same time. So we can only play nine holes. We’ll have to double up on a couple of holes next year.”