Miller’s experience has been critical for Coyotes

REED CITY — Reed City football coaches realized they would be young on the line this season.

But thanks to returning players like junior lineman Jackson Miller, the Coyotes have hardly missed a beat.

The Coyotes are home on Saturday against Menominee in the regional finals.

He’s been a right guard on offense and left defensive tackle and has started both ways some games.

Miller started on offense last year.

“I think I’ve improved quite a bit,” he said, “especially in pulling and trapping at guard.”

His strength as a lineman, Miller said, “is getting off the ball, getting into people.”

Miller has been able to mix in with the new linemen extremely well.

“We’ve improved every game,” he said, adding the strength of his defense is “holding my ground. Nobody drives me back.”

The Warriors beat Chippewa Hills twice this season.

Against a team like Chippewa Hills, “we just have to execute our game plan and put it into play,” Miller said. “We get better every week.”

The Coyotes, 11-0, have won six straight Central State Activities Association titles and two district titles in the last three seasons.

“Having six conference championships in the bag, it helps (their confidence) a lot,” Miller said.

This Saturday, Reed City goes after its first regional trophy.