Miller makes contributions for Reed City football team

REED CITY — It’s been another one of those seasons when the Reed City Coyotes, 9-0, and champions the fifth straight year of the Central State Activities Association, have been getting contributions from many players.

A good example was in the 48-0 homecoming win over Central Montcalm earlier this month.

Senior Gabe Miller had a interception and a touchdown catch for the winners in that game.

“It was a heads-up play on defense,” Miller, a safety/cornerback said of the interception. “I knew where the tight end was going to come and waited for him to come to the area.”

His 40-yard touchdown catch came at a key time.

“There was only one corner, no safety or linebacker and I saw the hole,” Miller said.

It was the first interception and touchdown of his career, so it’s a game Miller will remember for awhile.

He indicated a touchdown catch is probably more fun than an interception, especially because of the point value. But the interception was also extremely enjoyable.

The Coyotes allowed a combined 14 points in games six through eight.

“The defense has been playing solid,” Miller said. “We’ve had a lot of stops defensively.”

Chippewa Hills in week eight brought in a strong offense, but Miller and his teammate were confident of another strong defensive effort. The Coyotes turned out a 26-7 victory for the league title.

“Our offense and defense have been solid,” Miller said. “Offensively, we’ve had a lot of long gains.”

The playoffs open at home Friday night against Manistee.