Michell dominates Pioneer meet

BIG RAPIDS — It’s not just that Reed City’s Sami Michell won four events — Cedar Springs’ Kenzie Weiler did that.

It is the dominating fashion in which Michell did it that enabled her to win her third consecutive Female Athlete of the Meet award at the 27th annual Pioneer Track and Field Championships on Friday night at Top Taggart Field.

How dominating was Michell?

She captured the 100 meter hurdles by more than three seconds and broke the meet record with a 14.08 in the process. Tabitha Turley, of Evart, was second in 17.72.

Michell also won the 300 meter hurdles by nearly 11 seconds, clocking a 44.78, less than five-tenths of a second off the meet record she currently owns. Turley was seconds in that event as well with a 55.36.

As dominating as Michell was, that is when she finds it the toughest to run.

“It’s especially tough in the 300 hurdles because you get to the 150 (meter) mark, you’re half way done and it is hard to push yourself when no one is there,” Michell said.

That is why she tries to motivate herself by listening to music before her race. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the name of the song is The Champ, by Nelly.

Michell also captured the long jump with a leap of 18-feet, more than two feet better than runner-up Alex Torres, who was runner-up with a 15-8.5 effort.

Just for good measure, Michell won the 200 dash, recording a 25.75 to win by almost a full second ahead of runner up Aly Hamilton of Cedar Springs.

Despite winning the four events, Michell was somewhat upset that she didn’t do better. That is because those four events that she ran are the same events she will compete in this Saturday in the Division 3 state final at Comstock Park High School.

“I’m frustrated because the times aren’t where they need to be for next week,” she said.


Discus: 1-Derek Ash, CS, 143-10; 2-Bobby Barry, N, 143-8; 3-Rylan Ash, CS, 136-2; 4-Tyler Wilcox, MS, 135; 5-Jordan Betham, L, 129-4; 6-Tyler Smith, WC, 116-3.

Shot put: 1-Tylee Boyce-Borden, MS, 47-2; 2-Bobby Barry, N, 47-0; 3-Nate Kailing, RC, 46-7 ½; 4-Derek Ash, CS, 45-6 ½; 5-Tyler Wilcox, MS, 45-5 ½; 6-Matt Tanis, WC, 44-5 ½.

Long jump: 1-Dillon Wood, L, 21-1 ½; 2-Travis McCuaig, MS, 19-11 ½; 19-7; 3-Eric Bradford, RC, 19-9 ½; 4-Karlos Perez, BA, 19-7; 5-Caleb Bennett CCA, 19-5 ½; 6-Michael Bradford, RC, 19-1.

High jump: 1-Travis McCuaig, MS, 6-6; 2-Adam Wheeler, MS, 6-0; 3-Nate Jones, CS, 6-0; 4-Collin Woodruff, L, 5-10; 5-Darrin Williams, CCA, 5-6.

Pole vault: 1-Jeffrey Krager, BR, 12-0; 2-Blake Willett, CS, 11-6; 3-Dalton VanEss, CS, 11-6; 4-Kyle Voelker, RC, 11-6 5-Trevor Humphrey, CH, 10-6; tie, Tristan Guibord, BR, 1-6; 6-Johnny Wernette, CH, 10-6.

3,200-meter relay: 1-Cedar Springs, 8:30.40; 2-Newaygo High School, 8:33.63; 3-Morley Stanwood, 8:48.30; 4-Reed City, 8:51.39; 5-Big Rapids, 8:51.39; 6-Chippewa Hills, 9:14.46.

100-meter dash  1-Conor Vanderhyde, TC, 11.13; Tyler Hanks, MS, 11.19; 3-Tyler Hanks, MS, 11.38, 4-Andon Ware, B, 11.68; 5-Joe Main, L, 11.7; 6-Solomon Gant, CCA, 11.83

110-meter hurdles: 1-Travis McCuaig, MS, 15.37; 2-Maverick, Cotton, CS, 16.48; 3-Andrew Mahaffey, CH, 17.0; 4-Tyler Arends, N, 17.34; 5-Mathis Mair, CS, 17.76; 6-Marco Lagunas, TC, 17.7.

400-meter relay: 1-Chippewa Hills, 44.57; 2-Lakeview, 44.59; 3-Big Rapids, 45.23; 4-Reed City, 45.72; 5-Newaygo, 46.53; 6-Cedar Springs, 46.69.

1,600-meter run: 1-Connor Mora,CS, 4:13.53 (meet record); 2-Joe Oehrli, RC, 4:19.87; 3-Clark Ruiz, BR, 4:22.05; 4-Aaron Brooks, CS, 4:39.11; 5-Brent Heberling, BR, 4:41.20; 6-Ben Shaffer, BR, 5:01.41.

800-meter relay: 1-Lakeview, 1:32.50; 2-Morley Stanwood, 1:33.29; 3-Reed City, 1:34.03; 4-Cedar Springs, 1:37.43; 5-Newaygo, 1:37.52; 6-Baldwin, 1:38.75.

300-meter hurdles: 1-Jared Emerson, CH, 40.23; 2-Travis McCuaig, MS, 40.30; 3-Dillon Wood, L, 41.57; 4-Andrew Mahaffey, H, 42.43; 5-Tyler Arends, N, 44.0; 6-Maverick Cottten, CS, 44.34.

800-meter run: 1-Joe Oehrli, RC, 1:57.64; 2-Matt Parrish, MS, 1:58.6l; 3-Keegan Brewster, TC, 2;02.32; 4-Austin Sargeant, CS, 2:04.24; 5-Zach Knight, N, 2:07.4; 6-Justin Jones, CS, 2:07.65.

400-meter dash: 1-Tyler Hanks, MS. 51.58; 2-Brandon Sipka, CS, 53.43; 3-Adam Wheeler, MS, 53.61; 4-Ben Durian, TC, 54.71; 5-Eric Voellker, RC, 54.98; 6-Zack Koehn, MS, 1:04.29

200-meter dash: 1-Eric Reed, RC, 23.03; 2-Joe Main, L, 24.02; 3-Kyle Ringlever, L, 24.17; 4-Solomon Gant, CCA, 24.35; 5-Eric Chase, BR, 24.63; 6-James Wood, CH, 24.84.

3,200-meter run: 1-Connor Mora CS, 9:26.61; 2-Clark Ruiz, BR, 9:4693; 3-Aaron Brooks, CS, 10:00.75; 4-Chad Zagacki, RC, 10;15.0; 5-David Dantuma, CCA, 10:15.10; 6-Justikn Hawthorn, CS, 10:35.08.

1,600-meter relay: 1-Reed City, 3:28.81; 2-Morley Stanwood, 3:31.21; 3-Crossroads, 3:33.31; 4-Big Rapids, 3:38.68; 5-Chippewa Hills, 3:39.86; 6-Newaygo, 3:43.88.


Discus: 1-Elyse Starck, MS, 99-1; 2-Erin O’Brien, R, 89-10; 3-Nichole Franken, TC, 87-8; 4-Lauren Tomasunas, N, 86-5; 5-Jeanette Sukstas, CS, 85-5; M. Bean, TC, 84-0.

Pole vault: 1-Erin Drouillard, CH, 9-6; 2-Sarah Mattix, L, 9-0; 3-Andie Paulson, MS, 8-6; 4-Abby VanDusen, 8-0; 5-McKenzie Youngs, BR, 7-6; 6-Jordan Rubingh, TC, 7-6.

Long jump: 1-Sami Michell, RC, 18-0; 2-Alex Torres, B, 15-8 ½; 3- Nele Tarra, L, 15-7 ½; 4-Katelyn VanMourck, E, 15-6; 5-Amada Gilliam, MS, 150-0; 6-Ashley Soller, CCA, 14-7; tie, Abby VanDusen, CS, 14-7.

Shot put: 1-Erin O'Brien, BR, 35-1; 2-Leah Mohnke, CCA, 31-5 ½; 3-Jeanette Sukstus, CS, 29-9; 4-Kirsten Parsons, E, 29-6; 5-Lauren Tomasunas, N, 29-3 ½; tie-Nichole Franken TC, 29-3 ½.

High jump: 1-Jessica Tea, E, 5-2; 2-Rachel Weaver, WC, 4-8; ; 3-Ashley Fifield, N, 4-6; 4-Ashley Seath, R, 4-4; 5-Briana Pierson, CS, 4-4.

3,200-meter relay: 1-Cedar Springs, 10:16.7; 2-Newaygo 10:33.86; 3-Tri County: 10:45.94; 4-Evart, 11:58.02; 5-White Cloud, 12:04.56.

100-meter hurdles: 1-Sami Michell, RC, 14.08 (meet record); 2-Tabitha Turley, E, 17.72; 3-Marissa Oakes, CS, 17.89; 4-Christ Underhill, MS, 19.23; 5-Abby VanDusen, CS, 19.27; 6-Kathrine Buck, MS, 21.41.

100-meter dash: 1-Aly Hamilton, CS. 12.97; 2-Stephan Huchins, BR, 13.34; 3-Katelyne VanMourik, E, 13.37; 4-Mydrisha Brown, BR, 13.42; 5-Alex Torres, BA. 13.48; 6-Allyson Rackley TC, 13.89.

400-meter relay: 1-Cedar Springs, 51.49; 2-Big Rapids, 52.23; 3-Evart, 53.07; 4-Lakeview, 54.71; 5-Morley Stanwood, 55.32; 6-Crossroads, 55.47.

1,600-meter run: 1-Kenzie Weiler, CS, 5:01.85 (meet record); 2-Katie Weiler, 5:15.88; 3-Chloe Kinnally, BR, 5:27.6; 4-Brooke Day, BR, 5:40.73; 5-Maddie Pekrul, CS, 5:51.28; 6-Caitlin McClurken, CS, 5:57.79.

800-meter relay: 1-Big Rapids, 1:51.43; 2-Lakeview, 1:55.60; 3-White Cloud, 1:56.4; 4-Morley Stanwood, 1:58.11; 5-Tri County 1:59.42; 6-Newaygo 2:04.08.

400-meter run: 1-Katelyne VanMourik, E, 1:0181; 2-Jessica Tea, E, 1:02.84; 3-Emonee Shaft, CS, 1:03.55; 4-Tasha Sanders, L, 1:05.99; 5-Elyse Starck, MS, 1:06.44; 6-Amber Wroblewski, TC, 1:08.19.

800-meter run: 1-Kenzie Weiler, CS, 2:21.11; 2-Hanna Rainey, N, 2;27.09; 3-Chloe Kinnally, BR, 2;27.32; 4-Brianna Snyder, TC, 2:35.91; 5-Allie Veltkamp, CS, 2:36.58; 6-Brooke Day, BR, 2;39.13.

300-meter hurdles: 1-Sami Michell, RC, 44.78; 2-Tabitha Turley, E, 55.36; 3-Christen Underhill, MS 58.73; 4-Allyson Rackley, TC, 1:00.88; 5-Taylor McLachlan, E, 1:02.5.

200-meter dash: 1-Sami Michell, RC, 25.75; 2-Aly Hamilton, CS, 26.73; 3-Jessica Tea, 28.10; 4-Katie Rae, BR, 28.7; 5-Alex Torres, BA, 28.72; 6-Jharessa Lewis, BR, 29.49.

3,200-meter run: 1-Katie Weiler, CS, 11:23.32; 2-B. Wiliams, N, 12:17.92; 3-Ivy Boden, TC, 12;21.93; 4-Maddie Pekrul, CS, 12:29.63; 50-Shayne Mann, CS, 13:00.12; 6-Christina Dean, CS, 13;10.

1,600-meter relay: 1-Cedar Springs 4:11.4; 2-Big Rapids, 4:18.52; 3-Morley Stanwood, 4:29.81; 4-Newaygo, 4:35.30; 5-Crossroads, 4:40.15; 6-Evart, 4:57.15.

Schools: Baldwin (BA), Big Rapids (BR), Cedar Springs (CS), Chippewa Hills (CH), Crossroads Academy (CCA), Evart (E), Lakeview (L), Morley Stanwood (MS), Newaygo (N), Reed City (RC), Tri County (TC), White Cloud (WC).