Methner playing key role for Bucks basketball team



LEROY - Jayce Methner is coming off a strong cross country season for Pine River, in which he competed in the state finals.

He's now playing a key role for a Pine River team which started off its season at 2-1 and plays at home on Friday against Farwell in the first game of the New Year.

Methner is a junior and it's his first varsity season. The transition has been smooth.

"It's been going really good," Methner said, adding the biggest challenge from JV to varsity has been "how fast it goes. Varsity has bigger people."

Methner usually has been a small forward/shooting guard. Shooting has been his strength.

Corner shots have been his favorite.

"The key is a lot of shooting in the gym," he said.

Methner's best game came in a win over Evart.

"I was really sick the past few days before that," he said. "I had to leave halfway during the day.

"I didn't get to play the whole game. But I feel I played the best I have.

Methner is working on improving his defense.

"You have to stay low and move your feet," he said.

Pine River is home on Jan. 10 against Lake City in Highland Conference action.

"We're fast" as a team," Methner said. "We're pretty good at handling the ball. We have to get more rebounds. The key is thinking you'll win beforehand."

Pine River coach Brian Goodenow said Methner is among several talent players in his junior class.