REED CITY — Not everyone thought the spring 2017 wild turkey hunting season was successful.

Longtime hunter Jim Maturen of Reed City, chairman of the Pere Marquette Chapter of the Michigan Wild Turkey Hunters A

ssociation, bagged his gobbler on May 28, but indicated he was presented with many challenges.

He had a license for the third season and hunted 25 days in May before he had success.

“It was tough hunting,” Maturen said. “A couple of times, I knew where three gobblers were hanging out. They’d come to the edge to the two-track but wouldn’t come to the decoy. Two hens came off in a field and two gobblers came out. They kept running and disappeared to the north.”

His struggles continued until May 28 when he saw three hens being followed by two gobblers.

“I started calling and here they come,” he said. “They came right up to the decoys. I had a nice gobbler, about 20 pounds.”

The final day of the season was May 31.

“I wasn’t a real super duper season,” Maturen said. “My son applies for the first season and got the second season. We hunted six days. He got close, and on the last day, he shot a gobbler. I was out there all this time and heard one shot. What I’m hearing from my members and others is that it was kind of a tough season.”

Maturen has a boat for Lake Michigan fishing.

“I’ll be out there shortly,” he said. “I fish out of Ludington. I have a ramp there I can launch from anytime. I’m looking for salmon.”