Masters League secretary notches hole-in-one

REED CITY — Mondays means the Masters League for Spring Valley Golf Course. And secretary Don McGreehan is, for another summer, keeping things in order for the division that is open to men 55 and older.

But while he plays in other leagues at the course, McGreehan has been known to turn in some notable achievements including a recent hole-in-one.

The Masters Senior league is going every Monday afternoon this summer with a wrap-up date of Sept. 24.

“We have a total of 61, every week there’s between 48 and 54 that play,” McGreehan said. “It’s about the same  (as previous years). We lose a few and gain a few.”

It’s his fourth year as secretary. He’s been a member of Spring Valley since around 1994.

McGreehan also plays in other leagues including the Sunday mixed scramble. He recorded a hole-in-one in the league on July 1. It was the first ever ace for McGreehan after 25 years in the sport.

The ace came at No. 3, 184 yards. He used a 3-wood and was golfing with Jim Church, Garry Ruttle and Joanie Foote. Ruttle scored an ace at Spring Valley during the 2011 season.

“I saw it disappear,” said McGreehan who didn’t know whether or not his ball landed in the cup. “I knew it was right on line. (His partners) didn’t see it. It wasn’t on the green. I told Jim Church ‘the ball is either in the hole or in the lake. Take a look in the hole.’ He went up to take a look and there it was.”

In the meantime, McGreehan was thinking to himself, “what a lucky shot!”

He said he’s been close several times but it’s the first time he got the cigar.

“It was luck,” McGreehan smiled.

He hasn’t had an ace in the Masters League but McGreehan enjoys every minute of the Monday event.

“We’re here to have a good time,” he said. “We have a proximity flag on every hole. It’s a lot of fun. It gives them something to shoot at.”

The proximity holes on July 1 were:

Best chip on No. 10, longest putt on No. 11, closest to the pin on No. 12, longest putt on No. 13, best chip on No. 14 and No. 15, best in two on No. 16, best in three on No. 17 and longest putt on No. 18.