Luther man ready for hunting season

LUTHER – It’s the time of year that Luther’s Doug Nixon really enjoys: hunting season.

“Deer season is starting to look pretty decent,” he said. “There appears to be a lot of deer. Bear season (Saturday Sept. 29) was the last day for that. A group just shot one with dogs this morning in the Luther area.”

Nixon expected bow season, which started Oct. 1 to feature many bow hunters out in the woods.

“I hope it picks up,” the said. “There seems to be more deer this year than what I’ve seen in the past. It seems to be a little better than normal. I have seen a tremendous amount but the ones I’ve seen have been pretty decent.”

The firearm season starts Thursday.

Nixon has hunted since he was 14 in the Osceola and Lake counties and Luther areas.

“It’d be nice to see it cool down a little bit and have it seem more like hunting conditions,” Nixon said.

Small game hunting has also been picking up.

“It’s been real active on the weekends,” Nixon said. “There’s a lot of bird hunters, guys with dogs.”

Nixon guides with the dogs but also tries to find time bow hunting.

“A lot of guys fish steelhead and stuff,” he said. “They’re catching salmon right now toward Tippy and the big lake.”

A native of the area, Nixon says hunting success fluctuates.

“Just like the acorn crop, one year it’s up and one year it’s down,” Nixon said. “It seems to be pretty slow (last year). For a lot of guys it was slow, it seemed like.”