Luther hunter remains active

LUTHER — Jeff Holmes is a “I hunt all the time” kind of sportsman. The Luther resident can’t get enough of hunting.

His love for hunting includes bear and elk. His wife Tammy, also is an avid hunter.

“We like bow hunting too,” he said, while attending the recent Mecosta-Osceola chapter of Pheasants Forever banquet in Big Rapids. “I pheasant hunt, of course. Deer too. I feed deer year round.”

Holmes likes what he sees of the area’s deer hunting population.

“Over the hunting season, I didn’t see many,” he said. “I’m feeding about 65 of them.”

Holmes hunts in the Luther area on his own property and said the biggest buck he’s shot is an 8-pointer.

When it comes to pheasant hunting, Holmes especially likes going out with his dogs.

“I have a chocolate and white lab,” he said. “I like to get out with them and enjoy watching them.”

The area pheasant population remains low, he said. The purpose of Pheasants Forever chapters is to help improve the pheasant habitat, and Holmes indicated the pheasant population is getting better.

His wife once shot a bear with a bow in Canada and also deer hunts with a bow. They both prefer bow hunting.

“I like the challenge of it,” Holmes said.

He won a gun at the Pheasants Forever local banquet in Big Rapids. He finds attending the banquets to be enormous fun.

“I like hanging around the people,” he said. “They’re all good people.”