REED CITY -- He’s had a busy schedule as a high school sports official but during the summer, Dave Erler has found time to get in some relaxing rounds of golf.

At Spring Valley Golf Course, Erler golfs in the Sunday Scramble and Friday Couples leagues.

“I’ve golfed very little since the last couple of years,” he said.

Erler has been a self-employed general contractor.

But when it comes to officiating basketball, softball and volleyball, Erler keeps a busy schedule. He umpired a Pine River at Reed City summer softball game on Aug. 1 without having the assistance of a base umpire. Erler has 30 years of officiating experience.

In basketball, “The way they do the assigning, I’ve worked with a lot of people but over the years, I’ve worked with Gordie (Allers) a lot,” he said. ”I travel a lot more and ump with a lot of different people.”

The Reed City native and Richmond Township resident especially spends a lot of time with softball and did some youth softball weekend tournaments in other parts of the state. This was his first summer for that.

Erler did baseball at one time but now focuses on softball, which he said is his favorite sport to officiate.

“I just like softball,” he said, adding that volleyball officiating tends to be more challenging than the normal observer might think. “It’s a lot faster than people think.”

As for how much longer he’ll continue to officiate, “I think I’ll stick with softball and volleyball as long as I can,” Erler said. “Basketball, maybe this will be my last year. It’s getting close on basketball.”