REED CITY — Summer softball seasons ended for area teams last week, but players are looking ahead to what they hope will be successful 2019 spring campaigns.

This include Reed City’s Veronica Lofquist, who spent the summer getting a chance to test her pitching skills as she gets closer to making the move to the high school level.

Lofquist said a fastball and change up was her best pitch during games this season.

“I usually have a drop ball that usually works pretty nice,” she said.

Lofquist has been playing softball five years.

“It was my idea to be a pitcher,” she said. “I loved the idea of pitching.”

This summer marked the first time she threw against varsity batters.

“It’s different,” Lofquist said. “I haven’t done it before.”

It was a warm summer, and Lofquist acknowledged she preferred pitching when it was cooler.

“You have a lot more energy and the heat doesn’t wear you out as much,” she said.

The key to having success at this level is “a lot and lot of practice,” Lofquist added.

She’ll find out in the spring if she’s pitching on the varsity or JV level. But she’s ready for either one, Lofquist indicated.

Lofquist also is confident in her potential to hit on the varsity level.

“I had a slump where I didn’t hit very good, but I’m a lot better now,” she said.