Local outdoorsman shares experiences with grandchildren

EVART — Mike Ramsey has been hunting and fishing for a long time. But one of the major goals for the Evart resident is getting the younger generations involved in the outdoors.

That’s why Ramsey takes his grandchildren out as often as possible.

He’s lived in Evart for six years and is a 1971 Evart High School graduate. He’s been an employee of Liberty Dairy in Evart.

Ramsey still is an active hunter on state and private land around Osceola County but indicates he’s not as busy with it as he once was.

“I’ve seen some decent bucks. I did take a buck this year and a big doe on private land, he said. “I did take two bucks off of public land,” he said. “I took one with a bow and one with a rifle. I’ve seen bucks pretty much since I’ve been hunting out there.”

Ramsey has been hunting for 44 years.

“My stepdad did some hunting,” he said, adding that at one time, his family, “lived up by Indian River. The deer were few and far between but we did eat some venison. I did a lot on my own.”

Also active during the muzzleload season, Ramsey recalls bagging a 9-pointer “with a muzzleloader I built myself.”

It’s been Ramsey’s observation that the deer numbers have gone down.

“The quality of the deer seems to be coming up a little bit,” he said.

Ramsey has also hunted in Missouri for whitetail deer. He has also hunted bears in the Upper Peninsula.

“I was successful with a 9-pointer in Missouri this year and I did see two spikehorns,” he said.

Ramsey recalls seeing three bears by the Pine River in 1988 while he was trout fishing “which was exciting.”

He has also been an avid turkey and small-game hunter.

“I’ve seen some snowshoe (rabbits),” he said. “They’re coming back up.”

Fishing is also a passion for Ramsey. In late January, he caught a fair amount of perch, plus a bluegill, a bass and three pike while fishing at 8-Point Lake.

“It was only the second time I’ve been out,” he said. “I’ve been out a couple of times since then. They seem to be doing pretty good. Higgins (Lake) is doing good. I did good at Little Bay deNoc (near Escanaba) the first weekend of February. In two days, I caught five keeper walleyes.”

The ice had been shaky but has seemed to be more solid at various spots in recent weeks, Ramsey noted, prior to the warm spell in March. Steelhead fishing is another favorite target for Ramsey.

He’s a huge believer on promoting hunting and fishing to youngsters. He took some grandchildren to the recent Deer Spectacular show in Lansing.

“I feel it’s my responsibility to expose them to the outdoors and then maybe they’ll enjoy it,” he said.