Local man bags 11-point buck

GOOD SHOT: Elvis Peacock shows his 11-point buck. (Herald Review photo/John Raffel)
GOOD SHOT: Elvis Peacock shows his 11-point buck. (Herald Review photo/John Raffel)

HERSEY -- Elvis Peacock estimates that he’s shot 20 deer in his lifetime.

But it’s likely he won’t forget his most recent buck for a long time.

Peacock, a Hersey resident, used three shots to bag an 11-point buck with 19 1/2-inch rack span in late November in Mecosta County.

He was hunting with his sister, her first time hunting, plus his dad.

“That’s the biggest deer I’ve shot,” he said. “I’ve been hunting ever since I can remember. The biggest buck I shot before this was last year, an 8-point that was 18 inches wide (rack span).”

Peacock recalls talking with his companions just as he spotted the trophy buck.

“I saw him walking right out, he was chasing a doe,” Peacock said. “He was with another smaller buck. I got my gun up and shot him. He took off running. I shot at him two more times and ended up hitting him twice. The first shot hit him. But he took off running and I wasn’t sure if I hit him or not. I hit him the first time, missed him the second time and hit him the third time”

Peacock was about 70 to 90 yards away when he made his shot.

“I’ve hunted every day,” he said “Before this, I passed up probably two to three small young bucks, That’s it, nothing shootable. I’ve seen lots of does and a couple of little bucks.”

Peacock has also bow hunted.

“I passed up a ton of bucks bow season,” he said. “Actually, I shot a little buck with my bow this year. I had a couple of  8-pointers. I didn’t get a shot. My neighbor ended up shooting one of them, 8-point with (rack) 18 inches wide.”

But Peacock admitted being excited with his 11-pointer.

“I’m super excited, it’s the best deer I’ve gotten,” he said.