LEROY - Ivan Giese is a long-time Osceola County sportsman who does as much as he possible can and is hoping for another successful hunting and fishing season.

"There's not too many deer around and I didn't do any turkey hunting this fall," he said. "I've been busy so I haven't had a lot of time to get out there. The rain and everything else has slowed me up. I do some bow hunting. I was out this afternoon (Wednesday) for a couple of hours and that was about it."

Rifle hunt season starts on Nov. 15 and Giese plans on joining all the other hunters.

Hunters are saying there's plenty of big bucks available.

"I don't' see as many as I should," Giese said. "I suppose the baiting regulations has something to do with it. I've picked some up on the trail cam but haven't seen them when I was out there. But I know there's some around."

Giese, a LeRoy area resident, has been active in various groups over the years including the Pere Marquette Chapter of the Michigan Wild Turkey Hunters Association, which had rendezvous at Baldwin the last Saturday in March every year.

The chapter, headed by Jim Maturen of Reed City, folded two years ago because of declining numbers.