Local Crossroads chapter looking to make impact for NWTF

BIG RAPIDS — Evan Traynor had reason to be enthused with the Michigan State chapter National Wild Turkey Federation’s 2016 convention at the Holiday Inn.

Traynor is president of the Reed City area Crossroads’ chapter, which was established four years ago.

Jim Decker is the chapter vice president. He and Traynor are both Reed City area residents.

“We’ve been NWTF members for many years,” Traynor said. “We’re a relatively new chapter. We have been to a lot of the chapter banquets, mostly the Bitely-Baldwin one. We got with Tom Karsten (NWTF regional director) and told him we were interested in having a banquet.” 

Plans are being made for a Crossroads chapter banquet at the Eagles Nest in Hersey on April 30.

“This will be our fourth banquet,” Traynor said. “We’re based out of Reed City but we try to get Big Rapids, Reed City and all of Osceola County. We try to get the word out to anybody in this general area. We try not to interfere on the other chapter banquets.”

Monies raised at banquets support wild turkey habitat.

“A lot of our money from our particular banquet we put right back into the community as far as scholarship for kids,” Traynor said. “We give money back into the needy families in the neighborhood.”

Decker and Traynor are both avid turkey hunters. They enjoy other types of hunting but are especially diehards when it comes to hunting turkeys.