Little League teams gearing for all-star action

REED CITY — It’s getting toward all-star time for the Reed City-Evart Little League.

Dax Allen is president of the league this season.

“We are winding down to the all-star process again,” Allen said. “All-star games for 11-12-year-olds start (in July).”

The Minor Division boys will start playing at Oakridge July 7, at Fremont July 8 and at home July 9 at Reed City.

Allen said there will be no all-star entries in the softball division.

The league had five divisions.

It starts with T-Ball. There were six teams in Evart and 12 in Reed City. For machine-pitch, 7-to-8-year-olds, Evart had three boys and two girls squads. Reed City fielded six boys and three girls teams.

“The unique part of machine pitch this year,” Allen said, “is we did it for two weeks and then had the kids go to kid-pitch for the rest of the season. On any three-ball count, the coach would come in to pitch to their own player. We wanted to encourage kids to start pitching at that age so the learning curve at 9-to-10 is a little less.”

The 9-to-10 year-old division featured two girls and three boys teams at Evart, with two girls and five boys teams at Reed City.

For Majors the 11-to-12 group, there were two girls and two boys squads in Evart and one girls and two teams in Reed City.

For the Junior Division, featuring 13-to-14 year old, there were none in Evart.

“They did a different type of league in Evart for those kids,” Allen said. 

Reed City has one boys and one girls team in the Junior Division. The girls will play their last game at home Thursday at the high school field at 6 p.m. The boys play Wednesday at the high school field, also at 6 p.m.

“We had 530 kids this year,” Allen said. “Our numbers were up from last year. We had a fairly decent year. The kids had a good time. The health of the league is promising. I hope the parents enjoyed it as much as it appeared the kids did.”

Mark Sochocki will be among the coaches for one of the all-star teams, the 11-12-year-olds.

“We’re gearing for all-star stuff right now,” Sochocki said. “We just announced the teams last week and we’re getting ready to play in July.”

Sochocki coached an Evart 11-12-year-old team that finished at 8-3.

“There’s another Evart team, there’s two Reed City teams and there were three Big Rapids teams,” Sochocki said. “We ended up playing in Blanchard and Edmore. We played in some tournaments.”

The first all-star game is July 1 at White Lake, followed by a game July 2 at Roosevelt Park, July 7 at Reed City and July 8 at Reeths-Puffer.

“If you make it out of the pool, you go to a semifinal like we did last year at Oakridge,” Sochocki said. “If you win that, you play in the state championship like we did.”

Brian Cass is coaching the Minor Division team