Little League secretary reflects on past season

REED CITY — Another Little League baseball and softball season for Evart and Reed City is in the books.

Little League secretary Lisa Morrison notes that this is the second year the two communities have been together for Little League purposes.

“When you bring another town and personalities into the mix, there’s always things you have to work through,” Morrison said. “Everyone has strengths.”

The league featured teams in T-Ball, under 6 years of age, plus 7-8-year-old boys and girls with a pitching machine, 9-10-year-old Minor Divisions for both, 11-12-year-old Major Division for both and 13-14-year-old Junior Division teams for both. There were also various all-star teams consisting of Evart and Reed City players.

The oldest division had one boys and one girls team in Reed City and one baseball team in Evart.

“They didn’t have enough girls for a softball team,” Morrison said.

The numbers of players was similar to a year ago, Morrison indicated.

“As far as I know things are continuing as they are for next year,” Morrison said. “Evart is continuing with Reed City.”