Lewis providing team with explosiveness

Elijah Lewis
Elijah Lewis

LEROY — Elijah Lewis has been known for his potential explosiveness as a running back for Pine River in previous seasons.

It’s the type of explosiveness the Bucks are hoping opponents will have to contend with a lot this season. It’s his senior season.

“My first year as a sophomore, we came out strong and made it to the semifinals,” he said. “We graduated 19 seniors and my junior year was kind of shaky. We had a lot of inexperience. We went 1-8 but we still learned a lot for the season. Coming into this year, we’re looking great. During two-a-days, everyone is flying around, which I know is what we’ll be doing.”

Lewis anticipates his role will change.

“On offense, I’ll run more on the flat instead of being in the backfield like last year,” he said. “I’ll be a lot (improved). We’ve had the highest numbers from the last few years of guys coming in for the weights.”

Lewis’ explosiveness is a strength and he’ll be returning punts and kickoffs.

“I’m a lot fast this year,” he said. “My 40 (meter dash) has improved quite a bit.”

Lewis will start at cornerback. I’ve gain a lot of pounds and am better with my footwork,” he said. “I can get to the ball a lot easier.”