LeRoy youngster catches huge pike

LEROY — Lucas Hill, is a 13-year-old fisherman from LeRoy who caught a huge pike a few weeks ago during the ice season. It’s no wonder he loves the sport.

Hill’s catch was 36 inches, 11 pounds, at a LeRoy area private lake. It’s the biggest fish he’s ever caught.

“Me and my dad were out there for awhile,”  he recalled. “We were bluegill fishing and catching a lot of gills. We were out there and so far away. I caught it on a tip up. I couldn’t really see it. I saw where the flag was up. Usually, it will be a smaller pike on there.”

He felt the tug and decided to give it a huge yank and pulled it up.

“The first time I tried to pull it through the hole, it wouldn’t quite go up through,” Hill said. “I finally got it up and through and pulled it out. I was able to get it out in the hole I had. (My dad, Tony Hill) went there the whole time. I yelled and told him it was a big fish and he came over to me.”

Since that time earlier this month, the ice has rapidly deteriorated.

When it comes to ice fishing, “it hasn’t been a bad winter,” Hill said. “It’s been pretty good.”

He’s been ice fishing four years. “I’ve fished quite a bit this year,” he said. “Two years ago, I caught a 31-incher on Hewitt Lake near us, too.”

Hill does some open-water fishing, mostly trout fishing on the river.

“Last year, it was super cold and the rivers were all high,” he said. “With this early melt, I think it will be a lot better.”