LeRoy resident reflects on hunting season

LEROY — Ivan Giese has been hunting for a long time and the LeRoy resident had to admit it was a unique deer season.

“The hunting wasn’t too good,” he said. “I bowed, rifled and muzzleloaded and I only saw about 10 deer. The rest must come out at night. I hunted over 30 days. I couldn’t shoot anything.

“I did get lucky and used my doe permit. It’s a good thing I had one and I was able to get some meat.”

He hunts on his own property and his brother’s in Reed City.

 “I heard the same thing from others, the deer were all coming out at night,” Giese said. “They hide in the daytime.

The spring turkey season is a few months away and Giese, who has been a long time attendee of the Pere Marquette Chapter spring turkey events in Baldwin, has plans to be out again. He bagged a turkey for the 2016 spring season.

“I think it will be a good one,” he said. “I’m seeing more turkeys now than I have in past years. I think it might be on the uprise with the weather. It’s a better hatch this year, I think. The weather’s good for them.”