LeRoy hunter bags 11-point buck

LEROY — Mike Boerma is having a fun deer hunting season so far.

The 47-year-old LeRoy hunter was on private property in the Stanwood area on Tuesday morning when he shot an 11-point buck with 17 1/2-inch rack span at the widest point.

He’s shot many deer in his lifetime but this one ranks as the largest. He wasn’t aware ahead of time that the buck was in the area.

“A bachelor party came in, eight other deer,” Boerma said. “He was the last one to come in. As he tried to assert his dominance over another buck, which I figured drew all the attention away from me, I put the crosshairs on him and pulled the trigger at 16 yards.”

Boerma was using a crossbow. The buck, after being shot, ran 30 yards before it dropped. His previous biggest buck was a 9-pointer.

He was obviously at the right place at the right time.

“It’s always been a productive spot,” Boerma said. “I do a lot of hunting in that area.”

The prospects for the 2016 deer season seem to be good “from trail cameras of other people I’ve seen,” Boerma said.

Boerma has a doe tag and figures he’ll be able to shoot his limit throughout the bow season.