LeRoy fishing club closing its season

LEROY — It’s been quite a season for the Wednesday Night Hog Hunters’ Fishing Club in LeRoy.

But it all comes to an end this week.

Brad Cox of LeRoy, the head of the club, noted that the final tournament, the Classic, is this Wednesday at Rose Lake. Action started on May 28 and the club hasn’t missed a Wednesday since then.

Spots have been Rose Lake, Lake Missaukee, Lake Cadillac, Chippewa Lake, Big Lake and Crooked Lake. Each week, “we’ve been running about 18-to-20 boats,” Cox said. “There can be four people in a boat. It depends on the person. Usually, there’s three to four people at a boat. We have 24 boats in our club.”

Wednesday’s tourney was set to start at 5:30 p.m. and continue until 8:30 p.m.

Hog Hunters started competition in 1998. The numbers are about the same as the last couple of years, Cox noted. The participants come mainly from Osceola County, plus some from Wexford County.

Recently at the club’s banquet, trophies were given out for the first three places along with big bass of the year.

Participants got into this week’s classic by winning a night of fishing during the summer. Thomas Jessup of Marion took first place with combined catches of 80.72 pounds while Lance Johnson of Marion took second at 78.18 pounds and Cox was third at 75.83 pounds.

It’s been a good summer of fishing, Cox said.

“The cooler weather helped,” he said. “Everyone is sad to be putting their boats away.”