Lawson strong for Reed City

REED CITY — Many players are making major contributions to the Reed City softball team this season, and that includes Olivia Lawson.

The Coyote junior has had a productive bat in recent games.

She moved up to the varsity as a sophomore. She’s been in left field and is still available as a pitcher.

“It’s been going pretty good,” she said. “My bat has gotten a lot better this year. I had my first home run this year.”

Confidence has been the key to better hitting, Lawson said. She’s confident in having a high batting average.

As a left fielder, Lawson is confident in her arm.

As a pitcher “my stride has gotten better this year,” she said. “My speed has increased.”

The Coyotes are hoping for a strong postseason which starts May 30 at Hart.

“We need to play good defense and know that we have it,” Lawson said. “With good attitudes and knowing that we’re going to play good hard ball, I believe we can have any game we play. But if we don’t go in with good attitudes, and know that we have it, we’re not going to play our best.”

Reed City is at Evart Wednesday. Districts are next week.