Lawson, Griffin confident softball team can get better

REED CITY —  Olivia Lawson and Julianne Griffin are a pair of sophomores hoping to help the Reed City Coyote softball team have a strong second half to the season.

Lawson had the game winning two-run single in the nightcap of a doubleheader with Newaygo recently, which completed a doubleheader sweep. Griffin was the winning pitcher in both games.

The bases were loaded with two outs, and Reed City was trailing by a run in the bottom of the seventh of the second game.

“Even if I did get walked, it would have helped us because we needed one more run (to tie),” Lawson said.

She pitches and sees action in the outfield. Her hitting has been a key for the Coyotes.

“Coach said I’ve come a long way since last year,” Lawson said. “This year was a big jump for me. Last year I wasn’t doing so hot. This year I came right back and did a lot of practice. Coach said he’s moving me in the lineup.”

It’s Lawson’s first varsity season.

“It’s going really good,” she said. “I couldn’t ask for a better team. They pull me through all the way. They’re like my own sisters. We start out good, started going downhill and picked ourselves back up. We always end up coming back before the game is over.”

The twinbill over Newaygo will be a boost for her team.

“We’re going to try our best,” Lawson said. “As long as we work as a team, I know we can do it.”

Griffin continues to be the workhorse for Reed City.

“I pitch all right, it depends on the day,” she said. “Sometimes certain pitches don’t work as well as others. My screwball hasn’t been working well and my changeup has been all right.”

For most of the season, the Coyotes have battled cold weather.

“I think (warmer weather) will help,” Griffin said. “I’d rather it be 110 degrees than this weather. As a team, we’ve played real well. We’ve come together as a team.”

Griffin had an RBI bounce out in a 4-2 win over Newaygo to open the twinbill.

“I feel that my hitting has been all right,” she said. “It needs to come around a bit. I think, in time, it will.”