Langlois sees steady improvement by Coyotes


REED CITY — One of the games this soccer season that Dylan Langlois won't soon forget came recently against Big Rapids.

Reed City scored the game's first goal and gave the Cardinals all they could handle for 80 minutes in a 3-1 loss.

"We played hard," Langlois said. "We knew it was going to be intense and was going to be a good game. We just didn't have the bench to give us that extra boost."

The Coyotes have been dressing around 14 to 15 varsity players a game for varsity, while also having a JV squad.

"Most guys play the whole game," Langlois said. "There's really no rest time at all."

Big Rapids dressed about seven more players than the Coyotes.

Langlois, a senior, has been a stopper for Reed City.

"Anything that comes in the middle, it's my job to stop it," he said. "I feel I've been doing pretty good. I'm a captain, so I'm kind of leading everyone and talking."

The regular season ended last week and Langlois has seen some improvement by the Coyotes.

"You can see the progress that's been happening," Langlois said. "It's there. It just needs to all click finally. We're just on the break. We have to want it."

Reed City played Tuesday against Lakeview in district tournament action. The winner   advances to the next round while the loser's season will end.