Lake County sportsman club set for busy season

Members of the sportsman club/
Members of the sportsman club/

BALDWIN — Lake County Sportsman Club president Greg Nichols Jr. and his members are set to have a busy year, especially once spring weather settles in more consistently.

The club had a meeting earlier this week in Baldwin.

“We’re going to put some handicap facilities in,” Nichols said. “We’ve approved some work to be done with the rifle range. It depends on if we get some grants. There’s a couple of grants we’ve applied for to get the money for what we need to do.”

The work to be done involves coverings for various parts of the rifle range to protect it from the weather.

“We may pursue doing some paintball games this year,” Nichols said. “It’s capture the flag type of stuff.”

Nichols said May 1 is usually a date set for having the club grounds fully functional.

“It could also be as early as April, depending on weather,” he said. “But the pistol range and rifle range are fully open right now.”