EVART - Kaylee Ladd continues to be a strong player this season for Evart's volleyball team.

The Wildcats have been having a very competitive season under first-year coach Amanda Brown.

Evart was home Tuesday against Beal City.

"We have to work on our talking skills," Ladd said. "If we talk, we can pretty much beat any team we want to."

It's her fourth year on the varsity. She's at the libero spot. As a freshman, she was a backrow player before eventually taking the libero spot.

"You have to stay low and move your feet," she said. "I'm able to stay low. This has definitely been one of our better years. We want to move on our location and our hitting."

Ladd and the Wildcats will continue to work on their coverage.

"Our defense is one of our stronger (areas)," Ladd said. "We want to go for a winning record. But it's a harder Highland Conference."

Ladd was busy during the summer in both sports.