Ladd leaves Evart after fabulous career

Evart's Kaylee Ladd played volleyball and basketball at Evart along with softball. (Herald Review file photo)

Evart's Kaylee Ladd played volleyball and basketball at Evart along with softball. (Herald Review file photo)

EVART - Kaylee Ladd capped off a strong season at Evart, but she had been hoping to say goodbye to one more sport.

Ladd was going to try out high softball this season for the first time, but the spring sports campaign was canceled because of the COVID-19 crisis. A standout in volleyball and basketball, she had previously ran track in the spring.

"I just wanted to try something different and all my good friends were playing softball," she said. "I wanted to spend the last few months with them."

Ladd and her softball teammates had a week of practice before the season was canceled. Her position was to be determined.

"I know they wanted to get me to slap hit when I was batting, but we didn't get that far," Ladd said. "I was hoping to play infield, maybe second base. I used to play shortstop and was pretty good at it."

She had played softball in the Evart area prior to high school. She started when she was 4 years old.

Ladd was focusing on her hitting prior to the cancellation of the season.

"When I fit got into the batting cage, at first I was pretty nervous," she said. "Then I got the hang of it. I felt like I could be confident (at the plate). You have to focus on the ball and make your techniques better."

But then the season was canceled.

"It was really sad," she said. "It was the last time we were supposed to be able to do something and everything got taken away from us."

In track, Ladd ran the 100, the 4x4 relay and sometimes the 400-meter run, and also did the long jump.

Ladd played four years of varsity volleyball and basketball at Evart. She was a libero in volleyball and shooting guard in basketball.

"I would say I enjoyed volleyball more," she said, adding the basketball team had a winning year in Evart. "We had never worked out as hard. We were determined to win and put our mindsets to it to reach out goals."

Ladd was planning on going to Mid Michigan College to get her associates in nursing and plans to get her bachelor's and work her way up.

She'll miss Evart sports.

"I'll miss the coaches and just how relatable they were with us," Ladd said.